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    EK SUCCESS-Martha Stewart Edger Punch. Create beautiful borders; edges; tags and much more with these creative edge punches.

      Martha Stewart Edge Punch
      Create beautiful borders, edges, tags and more with these creative edge punches.
      Martha Stewart Large Punchers
      EK SUCCESS-Martha Stewart Large Punch. These punches create crisp shapes for cards; scrapbook pages and other paper crafts. Punch stands up-right for easy access and storage.
      Martha Stewart Corner Punchers
      Martha Stewart Corner Punchers
      Martha Stewart Double Edge Punch
      These fabulous punches create a continuous die-cut edge along both sides to make a wide decorative strip. Alignment guides ensure perfect patterns. Approximate design size is 1.25" x 2.5".
      Martha Stewart Deep Edge Punch
      The deep edge punch creates a continuous die-cut border design up to two-and-a-half times the size of a standard edge punch. Alignment guides ensure perfect patterns. Designs vary in depth from 1" to 1.75" with a common length of 2".
      Martha Stewart Medium Double Punch
      Creates detailed punch-outs with embossed accents.
      Martha Stewart Punch All Over The Page Pattern Punch
      EK SUCCESS-Martha Stewart Punch All Over the Page Punch. Use this punch in the center; on the edge; or anywhere on the page! Punch multiple times in a row or grid to achieve a patterned effect. The possibilities are virtually endless with these punches!
      Martha Stewart Punch-Around-The-Page Combo
      Punch Around the Page set allows you to create one continuous die-cut border. Punch corners first and then use the edge punch to connect the pattern from corner to corner. Wings on the tool allow for easy alignment.
      Martha Stewart Circle Border Punch Starter Set & Circle Border Cartridge
      MARTHA STEWART-Martha Stewart Crafts: Circle Border Cartridge. This punch requires a continuous die-cut border from 5-1/2 to 11-1/2 inches without having to cut the paper first. Cartridge is used with the starter set; sold separately.